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Dec 8, 2013 10:35am EST
education, manufacturing and recreational center for northern idaho. during our visit we sat down with mike bowler, local authors book "lioness of idaho," tells the story of louise shadduck him and local political activist who worked on a couple of different presidential campaigns. and is the first single director of commerce and development. she turned idaho into a tourist destination and improve the economy. >> in a world where so much means politics and power and advertisement, she worked behind the scenes by never forgetting human beings. they say she never forgot the name, and she is incredible. the minutes of the united states senate say that she was noted for possibly knowing everybody in idaho. i think is not just special immigrant named. she remembered people. that's how she got her political power. she said why is things like, don't worry what people are thinking about you because they don't do it that often. or she would say, we would all have a better perspective on life if we knew that the number of people at our funeral would only depend on the weather. or, every pol
Dec 8, 2013 10:30am EST
extending long-term benefits. then the house education subcommittee on pell grants and college affordability. >> in a survey of major newspapers made in 19 nine -- 1909, the kansas city star was all0 more in favor over the other0 metropolitan newspapers in the united states kind. -- combined. not want this to you a lot of literary essay. i want to get things done. nelson followed up his strictures on past performance with an editorial that rejected the notion that roosevelt was a man on horseback. he is a builder recalled to his works. after his arrival from africa, there were even clubs formed back like napoleon. >> the impact of william rockefeller nelson on the progressive movement in the campaign to win back the white house. later today on c-span3's american history television. >> there are tables out in front with pamphlets prior to entering the gun show. they are all how the government is trying to move away. the government is doing this and obama is doing that. those are the guys i wanted to talk to. this. they said who are you? i am an academic. doing research on these organizations
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2